SBS2003 to 2008 migration


I recentlly migrated from SBS2003 to SBS2008.  However, I ran DCPromo on 2003 before I had uninstalled Exchange and it is now causing issues with Exchange 2007 e.g. I can't upgrade to SP2 due to a Recipient Update Service issue.

Is there a way round this?  is it possible to promote SBS2003 back to being a DC and then remove Exchange?

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
It isn't pretty, but you can manually rip exchange out via ADSIEdit. If you've already decommissioned the 2003 server then you can skip the parts of this post that involve the 2003 server itself (the uninstall and the registry) but the AD parts are still relevant.

And *read* the big bold red print warning label at the top. Repeatedly.

blackadder999Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay and thanks for the help.
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