Sharepoint 2007 mouse rollover

I do not have access to the server, so everything must be done from the user / client side. I am not a expert, but I also am not a complete amateur.

I have a Sharepopint 2007 site with several subsites. Mouse rollover of the horizontal top navigation tabs should change the color of the tab.This works for all except the home site and one subsite. When on the Home site, the tabes will not change color. When on the other site the home tab will change to the correct color but the background image does not show.

Have checked all the obvious (to me), incluing resetting to site definition but does not work. Using IE8 developer tools the CSS sheets appear to be loading , as compared to other pages. I fixed the subsite scratch (not mcuh in it). The home page and the one subsite that did not work was built before the server admin enabled components  on the server that allowed me to enable the publishing features for my site. Could that be it? If so can someon pount to a possible soution short of rebuilding the home page?
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assuming you are a site admin on all of the sites, how did you get the sites to have the roll over capability? - using an installed theme?
- modifying using sharepoint designer?
- using an installed template?

without access to your setup its going to be difficult for anyone to help you debug.  You may need to work with your sharepoint farm administration team, theme development team, template development team, etc to resolve.
CptOAuthor Commented:
Thank you for replying. I know it is difficult, but I will supply what I can. I use SPD 2007 for a lot of the changes that cannot be done by web parts.
 I applied the  Reflection theme using SITE ACTIONS> MODIFY ALL SITE SETTINGS > SITE THEME (under LOOK AND FEEL). Picked reflector and selected apply. THIS gave me the Rollover capability. Did  This prior to server admin activating publishing features for me. Afer the admin gave me access, I turned it onfor the home site and  problem subsite, and for all subsequently crearted subsited.

 I also have a custom  CSS sheet I use to change itemsapplied after the relector CSS using the LINK reference in the master page., mainly things like fomt size ad color, THere are no custom actions set in my custom CSS file  for any of  the MS-topnavXXXX sections (To

Template - I basically use the basic team template, and subsequent patges are created using the web part templates in "Home > Site Settings > Site Libraries and Lists >create new content. "

Again (repeating myself!)  I did resovle the subsite simply by recreating it, but this would difficult for the home page, based on my understanding.. When using IE8 develoer, I did not spot a difference in the section that controlled the top nav bar.
CptOAuthor Commented:
One thing I just remembered if I go any page under the HOME site (not subsites) the ro0llover works fine.    works     does not work
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What happens when you go to a standard page on the HOME site, besides the default.aspx, like going to a document library page?
It seems like the them is not applied to the existing default.aspx page, I'm wondering if this is true for other standard pages vs a page like your testrollover.aspx

One question  - did you modify default.aspx before you applied the theme?
If you did this could have to do with the page being unghosted
some articles on ghosted, unghosted and reghosting

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CptOAuthor Commented:
Regular pages work fine, just the defaulk.aspx pages are affected.  
 Istumbled across the cause by sheer accident. I had a Hidden CEWP to add ascript that automatically expands the calendar month view as detailed at
For whatever reason the <div /div> tagwas the culprit.  I removed this cewp from each default.aspx page and rolllover worked.  Cleaned up the master page placeholders, and recreated the CEWP's and it all works great..

Thanks for your time!!

<div id='cover' style='position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;width:100%;background:white;'></div><script type="text/javascript">var yScroll = window.pageYOffset || document.body.scrollTop || document.documentElement.scrollTop;var y = window.innerHeight || document.body.clientHeight || document.documentElement.clientHeight;var xScroll = window.pageXOffset || document.body.scrollLeft || document.documentElement.scrollLeft;var x = window.innerWidth || document.body.clientWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth;var cover = document.getElementById("cover"); = (y + yScroll) + "px"; = (x + xScroll) + "px";function expand() {if (document.referrer != location.href && !location.href.match(/CalendarPeriod=((week)|(day))/i)) { GetMonthView('11111111'); }else { = "none"; }}window.onload = function() { expand(); };</script>
CptOAuthor Commented:
Poster's comment helped me find the jump off point to track down the cause.
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