Limit a join to one newest row

I have a table of patients and a table of next activity dates. Each time a next activity is scheduled it adds a row with the date and the patient ID. I want to retrieve a list of patients and their newest next activity date.

So example table structures would be
id, name
1, John Doe
2, Jane Smith
Next Activity
id, pid, nextActivity

Example output:

ID   Name    Next Activity
1    John Doe  11/12/2012
2    Jane Smith  11/1/2011

This is in mysql 5 access via PHP, but I don't really need help with the code just the select statement. I should really know this but I am blanking at the moment.
Michael SoleDirector of SupportAsked:
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Michael SoleDirector of SupportAuthor Commented:
Note I would want this list ordered by name

select,, b.mnextactivity
from Patients a
inner join (select pid, max(nextActivity) mnextactivity from NextActivitytable group by pid) b on =
order by
or simply

select,, max(b.nextactivity) as newestactivity
from Patients a
inner join NextActivitytable b on =
group by,

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oops, forgot the name sorting there:

select,, max(b.nextactivity) as newestactivity
from Patients a
inner join NextActivitytable b on =
group by,
order by
Michael SoleDirector of SupportAuthor Commented:
Yeah I would of figured that part out. I hadn't even thought of using max, great solution!

I was thinking of using group by and limit in some way but was coming up empty.

Thank you :)

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
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