Replaced switch, vlan2 for guest wireless down

I have a very simplistic setup for guest wireless here.  I swapped out one old Procurve 4000M switch with a Procurve 2510G keeping all the settings the same.  Everything works except the guest wireless on VLAN2.  I need help troubleshooting - don't really understand the dynamics.  

SonicWall Firewall - with a trunkzone and vlan sub-interface X4 is; also DHCP is set up here for the X4 vlan sub-interface

Switch 1 has a port assigned to the sonicwall which is set No for default-vlan and Tagged for VLAN2; then it has a port which goes to the New switch as untagged on default-vlan and Tagged for VLAN2

The New Switch has the port from switch 1 set up as untagged for default-vlan and Tagged for VLAN2; IP configuration is for default-vlan and DHCP/Bootp for VLAN2; the wireless ap port is set up as untagged for dfault-vlan and Tagged for VLAN2

I have another switch in the mix which also has wireless ap's on it - it is set up the same, has not been changed, and is still working; plus there is a port set up between the other two obviously

Thing is, I cannot connect wirelessly on the guest network now on the wireless ap's connected to the new switch when I could before - only change is the new switch.  Can you help me with some troubleshooting options?  Tried resetting the wireless ap's, sonicwall, and the new switch.

Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAsked:
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From something connected to the new switch, can you ping the Sonciwall? If not, run a traceroute and see where it is going wrong.
Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Yes definately - that firewall gets all the internet traffic - has another port for the 192.1.1 vlan1.  I am on a PC now that is connected to the new switch.  Can't ping the X4 vlan interface at from here though since it is not on vlan2.
Can you ping the pc you are on from the Sonicwall (diagnostics)?

Are you using Sonicpoints for wireless. or something else?
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Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Yes I can but I and that ping would be coming across vlan1.  I am having no issues on vlan1 (or default-vlan), and vlan2 devices are connecting from the already existing switches.  Only cannot get connected to my dlink wireless ap's on the new switch.
Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
I guess I can't ping vlan2 ip because it's a layer-2 switch?  When vlan2 has ip configuration of 'dhcp/bootp', where does it get it's ip info from anyway - dhcp server which serves 192.1.1.x (default-vlan scheme) or the sonicwall which serves 192.1.3.x (vlan2 scheme)?
If you can't ping it then there then it would appear you don't have proper routing set up. Do you have a route from the prior switch one hop back to it? If you get on the prior switch, can you ping the new one?
Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Really I think I can't ping because the PC is not sending tags and the vlan2 ports are set up as tagged, right?  

I put the old switch back into production by just ethernet connecting the cables from the other switches and the cables to 2 wireless ap's and instantly vlan2 access (guest network) is working.  If it weren't for this and the fact that it's not just 1 wireless ap but 2, I'm going with something wrong on the switch but don't know what.  

The only things I set up on the new switch were the same things I set up on the old -

(1) named VLAN2,
(2) set up the port tagging (all ethernet cables between switches and the wireless ap's are untagged on default vlan and tagged on vlan2),
(3) and set VLAN2 ip address - tried with dhcp with the other switch has, but then manually assigned it to the one that status said the old switch had too.  

Tagging occurs in the switch, so if the "new" switch is not set for tagging, it won't happen and that could be your problem. Did the old switch have tagging enabled? It might also help if you could provide a diagram of your network.

If I understand the current problem, nothing connected to the new switch can get out, correct?
Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Found the solution - in the Advanced Traffic Mgmt guide for my switch.  It says something about 'Single-Forwarding' switches (like my old ones) and 'Multiple-Forwarding' switches (like my new one) not being able to have 2 cables that run between them because the single-forwarding switch does not have the multiple-mac addresses needed to route properly back to the 'multiple-forwarding switch' so packets get lost.  

I unconnected the 2nd cable between the switches and now vlan2 is working.

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Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Solved the issue myself, but appreciate the people to talk about it with while I tried.
Dawn SpieglDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
No objections
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