What is the difference between if/else and try/finally in C#?

Hi, I am very familiar with the if/else statements but less familiar with the try/finally statements.  I am wondering when I should use one versus the other?  What is the difference exactly?
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if else, as you know is a decision making statement

try/catch/finally is more of an error handling framework.

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kaufmed 👽Commented:
They are two totally different, yet somewhat related concepts. p_davis has already noted the difference. The only thing I'd like to add is that you should prefer if/else over try/catch. What I mean by that is you should always try to write code which does not generate exceptions. Many conditions which cause exceptions can be tested for within your code (e.g. blank text boxes, integer overflows, null references, etc.). When you rely on 3rd-party APIs, then exception handling would be more convenient, because you have no idea what the code in the API is doing behind the scenes--after all, you didn't write it!
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nishant joshiTechnology Development ConsultantCommented:
you might knowing one of the following language, are you?


there is no difference in c# also .

try catch and if else usage are same for all languages..

kaufmed 👽Commented:
C does not have try/catch.
FairyBusinessAuthor Commented:
the languages I know are as follows: html, css, javascript, php, and sql.  The try/catch/finally may be in other languages as well but I never used it before, and decided I might try to now.

thanks for the input guys!
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