How to send custom messages from exchange automatically to my phone without replying to the sender.

Hello. I want to be notified by text when I receive an email from a customer off hours or on holidays and I am trying to setup an Outlook rule to accomplish this. The rule has to be able to run from the exchange server even if my outlook is closed. I tried to select the "reply using a specific template" option and it works great except that it also sends a message back to the customer. I want to be the only one to receive the notification. Maybe I can't accomplish this with Outlook rules. Any ideas?
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I would say creating a Transport rule on the Exchange Server.
PentadSupportAuthor Commented:
Do you know what Action I should set in the rule? The options are very similar to outlook and I do not see an option that would work. I forgot to mention the reason I am not forwarding the message is because any messages with attachments do not go through to my phone.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
am still thinking about what exactly you want to do
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PentadSupportAuthor Commented:
I simply want to send my phone a notification when I receive an email from a customer. I am sending a notification by sending an email to That sends a text message to my phone. I just need to get exchange to send that email without sending the same email back to the customer who sent me an email in the first place.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
you need to create transport rule , when you recieve email from specific people the action will be redirect the message to specific email address..
in EMC go to organization Configuration -> hub transport -> transport rule
PentadSupportAuthor Commented:
If I redirect or forward the message and the sender sends an attachment, I don't receive anything on my phone. Is there a way to strip any attachments?
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
i think you need 3rd party tools to forward message as MMS .. please read here :

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PentadSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments. I would bet that one of those products would be able to accomodate my problem. I have decided to make the reply message suitable for the customer and myself. It's not worth going through the entire installation of a 3rd party product for what I want to do.
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