How do I remove the far right character of the records in a column and then add it to a new column?

I have a column called STATUS in my table TBL_APP, within the STATUS column are a series of characters for each record:

APP         STATUS
118957    ACE
119654    CED
114567    ME
119872    MDA
120487    A

I would like to pull the far right character and create a new column with it, so the table would look like this:

APP         STATUS
118957    E
119654    D
114567    E
119872    A
120487    A

Any thoughts?

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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
update tbl_app set status = substr(rtrim(status),-1)


update tbl_app set status = substr(trim(status),-1)
update tbl_app set status = substr(status,-1)
danmcd0913Author Commented:
I'm getting a lot of records with nothing in them, is there an easy way to remove the spaces before i execute the above script?
danmcd0913Author Commented:
AWESOME!  Thank you!  This is exactly what I was looking to do.
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