Office 2007 Installation Issues

II pushed Office 2007 out.  One user could not run outlook 2007 after the install.  I think she had Outlook 2003 installed separately from office 2003.  I say this b/c from her login/profile, after I had uninstalled Office 2003 from my login, could still see Outlook 2003.  I could not from my profile.  An attempt to uninstall from her profile asked for the Outlook11.msi file.  I could not find that MSI, so I used the MS ORK to perform an uninstall.  No luck.  I eventually used the installer clean up.  All of these heroics b/c when she tries to run Outlook, outlook states, "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK CANNOT RUN THE ADD-IN.  THIS FEATURE IS NOT CURRENTLY INSTALLED.  WOULD YOU LIKE TO INSTALL IT NOW?"  No gets you, "FAILED TO REGISTER VB SCRIPT DLL.  REINSTALL OR RUN REGSVR32.EXE VBSCRIPT.DLL TO SELF REGISTER."  Then Outlook closes.  Clicking yes take you through a configuration process.  At the end of the configuration process, the result is "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK CANNOT RUN THE ADD-IN.  MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK CANNOT INSTALL EH NECESSARY FILES DUE TO A WINDOWS INSTALLER ERROR 1605.  THIS ACTION IS ONLY VALID FOR PRODUCTS THAT ARE CURRENTLY INSTALLED."  Then back to the same error, “MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK CANNOT RUN THE ADD-IN.  THIS FEATURE IS NOT CURRENTLY INSTALLED.  WOULD YOU LIKE TO INSTALL IT NOW?"  

I have tried manually registering the vbscript.dll and it does succeed, but it does not help.  I have deleted the Add-in registry entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Office and Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Office.  I have tried safe mode.   I have deleted her Outlook and windows profile.  I have tried safe mode.  I have repaired office.  I have uninstalled, combed the programs directory, documents and setting directory, and registry then reinstalled.  I have deleted the C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FORMS\FRMCACHE.DAT file.

Any suggestions?
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Please go to the run then type services.msc

look for the service running from outlook.

Turn off that or shut down or stop.

After you do that,

Uninstall the outlook 2003 or 2007 and install back again. Should be working then.
Will it start with the /safe switch?  If so then it is still attempting to load some kind of add-in that is having a problem.  A/V?
Maybe do a system restore to before all this and uninstall Outlook first and then Office?
CCleaner is sometimes helpful for cleaning up registry entries.  Do not let it delete any .NET or Silverlight reg settings.  You can right click and exclude them from the results list.
I had some crazy problems similar to this yesterday and ended up doing a repair install.  What OS?
whoamAuthor Commented:
Samee87 and Joelsplace.  Thank you for your suggestions but have tried those.
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hi there,

What happens if you launch office 2007 from the administrator profile ?
whoamAuthor Commented:
every other profile can launch Outlook2007 fine.  All other Office apps launch for the user in question with no issue.
Why not create a new profile and copy in the user's important stuff?  It's fast and easy.
... totally agree...maybe there is something corrupt into the profile...
whoamAuthor Commented:
Joelsplace & HDA,

Not to sound ungrateful for the help, but if you read the question, you'll see that I have had the user log off, renamed the user's profile folder and had them log back in to create a new profile.  I've also deleted her Outlook profile.  Despite all this, the problem still stocks the user.  



If Outlook works for other users on the same PC then something is getting carried over to the new user's profile when you create it.  You're saying that this user has a problem with a brand new profile when other users don't?  If so then there must be something about that user that is corrupting the new profile.  Login script or AD policy or something that applies to just that user?  Are the other users using a fresh profile also?  Do you have a default profile being loaded from the server?
whoamAuthor Commented:
I don't have any roaming profiles.  My method for creating the new profile is to have the user log off.  Log on.  Rename her profile folder from jane to old.jane.  Then have the user log back in.  If she logs into another machine, all is well.  It's this user on this machine.  So odd.  Oh, and all the other users on all the other machines were simply an over-top install with zero profile manipulation.
The default user that it creates the local profile from must be corrupted on that box.  Have you tried a repair install of the OS?
so, if you use another profile everything works fine, with the profile jane you get this issue.
You are saying that even if you log in as administrator, rename the Jane profile into old.jane , and then create a new jane profile you still get these "errors" with outlook 2007. Can I ask you what OS are you runing?

When you remove a profile you should also check if in the registry there is still something pointing to the Jane user.

You can also remove in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
the key related to Jane

...what do you have now under
whoamAuthor Commented:
Hi, on vacation this week.  Just wanted to let you know I hadn't abandoned the question.
whoamAuthor Commented:
Okay, a quick peek.  OS - XPProSP3 fully patched.

I yanked jane from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList, forced a new profile.  No dice.

Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins I have
Microsoft.omsaddin & Microsoft.vbaaddinfor outlook.1

I uninstalled an office integrated fax program.  No dice.  I've move the user to another machine, so I can't really have them test for me several times a day.  That said, here and there so as not to interrupt their work day is okay.
whoamAuthor Commented:
Had another user with same issue.  Found the solution.  See here for full KB.
but in essence, START>RUN.  Type out, "installer" w/o quotes.  Should take you to hiden folder %windir%\installer.  You'll see a list of .msp&.msi files.  To see what program each MSI correclates to, from the details view, add the column header "Subject" by right-clicking a column header, choose MORE then add subject.  After the new column was populated, I found the MSI concerning Outlook2003. Right-clicked the file, choose uninstall (worked w/o local admin rights).  The KB goes into many more steps, but I just reinstalled Office 2007 at this point and all was well.

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whoamAuthor Commented:
None of the other solutions worked, mine did.
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