Find LDAP version and BIND DN in AD

Hi Experts,

How can I get the LDAP version from the DCs?
How can I find the LDAP server allow anonymous binding or BIND DN in the AD?
We run Active Directory on three DCs which are Windows Server 2003.

Thanks a lot,

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pwustConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now referring to your screenshot:
As bind DN you can put the DN (distinguished name) of your service account.
As bind password you put the service account's password.
As Base DN you put the DN in your AD tree, where all searches shall start (e.g. the OU where all users are stored).

Depending on the type of information you are looking up in Active Directory you can either connect to one of your Domain Controllers' LDAP port (389), or to their Global Catalog Port (3268). The latter one usually is faster in response, but only provides limited information of your AD objects.

HTH, Patric
pwustConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AD is always using LDAP v3.
AD does not support anonymous bind. You will need to create a service account that authenticates against AD prior to run any query against.
CRIITAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Patric! I got it.

I am not familiar with LDAP settings. I have create a service account for that. Is that a BIND DN? How do I set the authenticates?

Thanks again.

CRIITAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!
Have a good day :)
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