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I'm currently working on moving a client over to web based Google Apps. We are moving away from Outlook entirely. They are wanting to continue to be able to send files directly from Word/Excel and even Adobe Acrobat via Gmail Compose. We have not found a user friendly option to allow us to do this. Has anyone found a solid solution?


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pccbryanAuthor Commented:
After much testing, we have found that the best program is by far Affixa(though it is still somewhat buggy). Sorry it took so long to get back w/ you.
Is there any specific reason they dont just simply save the file to their local machine and then attach it?  Because your browser would obviously need to have a current session open regardless to that.

So i think i have a couple of ideas to try out.  First would be making your computer think of your gmail as its default email client and to do so, google has its nifty little google notifier which would do just that.  Once your computer thinks of gmail as your default email client,  The "Send To Email" within office should prompt for gmail to open up.  This notifier also keeps your session alive so that whatever browser your using will not need to re authenticate.

So if your switching to google apps, are you not using the google docs versions of these "document" or "Spreadsheet" applications? in which case, would be able to do what you want to do with excel etc.
pccbryanAuthor Commented:
We decided that Affixa was the best answer for our problem.
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