Embroidery digitizing software

What is the Best Bang for the Buck, Embroidery digitizing software; with quality of output the #1 priority and cost the #2 priority. some choice are: Embird, D.I.S.C by ricoma, Tajima DG/ML by pulse, Drawings 5 pro by drawstitch. PE Design Next by brother, Wilcom by Corel or anyother you may come up with.

Thank you,
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Robert you can find lots of free guides and tips on youtube with interative options.
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Did you want to purchase this software for your own use?
Or make it to sell?
Or learn the software?
rajsdcaAuthor Commented:
I want to buy the software and learn how to use it.  I can't seem to find anyone that has the knowledge to point me in the right direction so I don't spend my money and time learning one software package then find out that there is a better software package;  for embroidering and digitizing from the original designs I create In Adobe Illustrator.  Am I explaining my needs clearly.


Yep I understand, give it a little time Robert it's  the festive season and New Year etc holidays and depending where you live most xperts may be away
 if you dont get any more responses the mods will ping some more experts and probably add this question to more zones.
You could speedy it up by using the request attention tab at the bottom right of your top question.
Best Wishes
David BruggeCommented:
Just now came across your question. How is your search coming? The problem with giving you an answer is that it is hard to find anyone that is familiar with more than a couple of programs.
My mother just retired from doing embroidery commercially. I have only been involved when she would have a computer glitch. I never got into the software.
I'll ask her for her suggestions and post them here.
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