Top Sub Query Selection

I need help selecting only the top one of a sub query.

Simplified Example Included.

What I need is a query to only select min apr of the group amortizationtype,pointgroup,term.

What I get now...
1031      40900      123456      654432      3.197      fixed      1      180
1031      40901      123456      654432      3.322      fixed      1      180
1031      40886      123456      654432      3.957      fixed      1      360
1031      40887      123456      654432      4.082      fixed      1      360
1031      40902      123456      654432      3.072      fixed      2      180
1031      40885      123456      654432      3.831      fixed      2      360

What I want is..

1031      40900      123456      654432      3.197      fixed      1      180
1031      40886      123456      654432      3.957      fixed      1      360
1031      40902      123456      654432      3.072      fixed      2      180
1031      40885      123456      654432      3.831      fixed      2      360

DECLARE @LoanRequestId INT = 123456, @LoanRequestCreatedID INT = 654432
		RecordID INT IDENTITY(1,1),
		userid INT,
		quoteid INT,
		apr DECIMAL(8,3),
		pointgroup INT,
		term INT,
		amortizationtype VARCHAR(25))
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40900,3.197,1,180,'fixed')
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40901,3.322,1,180,'fixed') 
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40902,3.072,2,180,'fixed') 
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40885,3.831,2,360,'fixed') 
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40886,3.957,1,360,'fixed') 
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40887,4.082,1,360,'fixed')
INSERT @TempTable (userid,quoteid,apr,pointgroup,term,amortizationtype) VALUES(1031,40889,4.000,4,360,'fixed')

SELECT  userid,quoteid,@LoanRequestId AS LoanRequestID,@LoanRequestCreatedID AS LoanRequestCreatedID,apr,amortizationtype,pointgroup,term
FROM @TempTable
WHERE pointgroup <= 3		
GROUP BY userid, amortizationtype,pointgroup,term,quoteid,apr

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Test script was so helpful.  Needed to correct the last insert, though.  Also, I presume you also want to group by userid; if not just remove the 3 lines where it is mentioned. :>)

select * from @temptable t1
inner join
select amortizationtype,pointgroup,term, min(apr) minapr
from @temptable
group byamortizationtype,pointgroup,term
) t2
  on   t1.amortizationtype=t2.amortizationtype
  and t1.pointgroup=t2.pointgroup
  and t1.term=t2.term
  and t1.apr = t2.minapr
  and t1.userid = t2.userid

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Perfect... Thanks for your help.
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