webpage copyright protection

I have some pages on my site that contain copyrighted material and I'm looking for the best way to protect those web pages from copying, although I realize that no method is foolproof.  I was wondering about the way books are displayed in Google books and if that could be done. Can someone tell me if this is possible or what other options are available or is converting the pages to pdf the best option?
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Due to the numerous ways of doing this, I'd recommend consulting Google 1st (you'll see a lot of people have already written large amounts of code for this)...

Such example sites are:


This was from searching for "prevent copying from web page" (at http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=prevent+copying+from+web+page)

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Also, I'd highly recommend adding this code to a COPY of your site pages, rather than the actual live pages...

(As a web-developer, I always approach these things with a "just in case" attitude!!)
why PDF files can't be stolen?
if someone will want to take your content he will be able to do that even if it's PDF. right, it will take him more time but it's possible.

I would try to disable the copy functionality and all the crawlers
for the disiable copy I would use something like that: http://www.hypergurl.com/norightclick.html

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Like Eyal says, if someone wants to take it... they'll take it!

Bearing in mind that most content can be stolen through the webpage source as well...  You can prevent the "not so technical" people out there tampering/taking your stuff, but there'll be some way round it if they want it!
avirAuthor Commented:
I realize that nothing is foolproof, but I want to show the copyright owner that I'm taking basic precautions.
I've been trying the codes, but the onselectstart function, which they all seem to use doesn't seem to work in Firefox. Is there another function for Firefox?
avirAuthor Commented:
Thanks for steering me in the right direction although this script worked for me.
I don't know why the other scripts didn't work, because this one seems to be more or less the same. I would like to try the jQuery option, but I wasn't sure how to implement it for a whole page.
try this

small trick you can do is to put transparent div above all the content
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