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From where i can find out, the travelers , holidays , people are having . i have hear that there is a website that tell you the people from different part of the world traveling in the same city , you are going to .... this helps to live on sharing bases and two , three people can share expneses and can travel mutually by hring car or different arrangements
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
This is the only one I know of, I have never used it:
Nancy McCulloughCommented:
Many people will post ads on Craigslist to search for others offering to share a ride, swap homes, air fares, etc. I have used it - it's great!

Another option is to look at the destination to which you are looking to travel. You can often find others have published in similar ways (newspaper, online, etc) to find mutual help for accommodations, travel, etc.

annasadAuthor Commented:
well amoven only tells you ride sharing , i am checking it , how about living ... some guest sharing purposes ....i would wlecome some more ideas on this ,

craiglist ...again i m checking , seems good .

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I generally do post it in facebook\twitter. Most of the time, its one of my friend which I get to share with.

Apart from that, you can also check. Searched it on net, have never used them.

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There is a Craigslist for all major world cities.

Suppose you were going to Singapore.
Look under the housing section for:
vacation rentals, rooms shared, etc.

you ask about holidays too:
here you can look up all holidays for any country.
Nancy McCulloughCommented:
If you research the area to which you are traveling, lets say San Diego for example, seek out the areas that are located closest to the places that you''d like to go or spend time. Once you know the name of the area, you will know better what words/names you should look for in titles and descriptions of ads found via Craigslist (or any other website for that matter).

This strategy can prevent you from finding a cheap rental accommodation in the middle of the worst neighborhood in New York City. Look for transit, parks, rents, and most definitely use Google Earth or the aerial view of Google Maps to find out what you are hoping to rent.
It appears you are in Pakistan?

What cities and countries do you plan to visit in the next 5 years?
That might give us a better handle on where-how to help you find low cost accommodations, travel cost, etc.
annasadAuthor Commented:
Yes i m in pakistan , for next 5 years , cant say when and where to go ,
in US , i m in new york , seattle , san jose , Atlanta .

and craiglist seems to be very well populated , but cant say that deals on it are serious or vage.

Here is a site for ride sharing once you are in USA.

Once you get to the city you are headed too, then look under
Craigslist > Community (for Atlanta for example) > ride share.

There are people will to rent you their car or share rides.

When I go to Asia I abandon luxury transportation and use trains and buses.
You would go broke using taxis in the U.S.A.
San Jose roommates:


Same site for New York and Seattle.

One idea is to rent a room in someone's house.
You might have a private bath and have kitchen priviledges.
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