Publishing Excel document on SharePoint 2010 layout issues

Dear all
I did create a dashboard using excel 2010 and using my Cube
I did add to this dashboard a Slicer and 3D Charts.
When I uploaded the excel sheet to our SharePoint 2010 all the charts are displayed as images even the tooltip is not working.
So how can I fix this issue?
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Arno KosterCommented:
As far as I know sharepoint is supposed to display charts as images when you open the excel sheet in sharepoint, so this is normal behavior.
You could try to include a webpart
Arno KosterCommented:
Are the charts displayed as images when you open the uploaded excel as a sharepoint page in your browser or are they displayed as images when you download the file and open it in excel ?

RamzyNEbeidAuthor Commented:
no when i open the excel sheet in sharepoint.

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