Inter VLAN routing on a Cisco 7206 router and Cisco 3560 switch

Hello, I'm having and issue setting up inter VLAN routing to communicate with my switch and new VLAN. I have 3 different sites connected with fiber consisting of only switches. They are all trunked and have VTP enabled. VTP works across all the switches.

On the 7206 router I created a sub interface and gave it an IP address on the new subnet / 24 and enabled dot1q.

On the switch I've given the VLAN an IP address /24. I've made the port a trunk port and enabled dot1q.

From the router I can ping the sub interface and from the switch I can ping the VLAN. However, I cannot ping each others IP's.

I included an attachment to clarify the setup. Please give me some ideas. Thank you.
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Ruben AlexNetwork & Security ConsultantCommented:
check if you have ip routing active in Cisco 7200
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Could be the VLAN isn't allowed on the trunk.

"show int trunk" will show what's allowed.
CyberSecAuthor Commented:
I enabled IP Routing and still a no go. I checked the trunk interfaces and 1,10 are allowed on Gi0/5 which looks good.

VLAN 10 is on all of my VTP'd switches. The switch that connects to the router does not have any switch ports assigned to VLAN10 and the switch that is connected to the router is the one that I assigned the VLAN IP address on.

Any other suggestions? I'll keep digging myself :-)
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Please describe the topology with respect to where the switch in question is relative to the 7206.

CyberSecAuthor Commented:
6 switches are trunked across 3 sites. 2 switches at each site.

Site 1 (HQ)
This is where the main connection is with the 7206 and the 3560 switch. Gi0/5 from the 3560 is plugged into Gi0/1 from the 7206.

Site 2 (CC)
This is where I have a 2960 with a port assigned to VLAN10. The port assigned to VLAN10 has a pc hooked up and the goal is to reach this pc.

Site 3 (NA)

The main subnet is 128.0 /24 and the VLAN10 subnet is 160.0/24. The 7206 Gi0/1.10 sub-interface for the VLAN10 subnet has an IP of 160.2 /24 and the 3560 switch attached to the 7206 has a VLAN1 IP of 128.20 and the VLAN10 IP is 160.40 /24.

Router Gi0/1 = 128.2
Router Gi0/1.10 = 160.2

Switch VLAN1 = 128.20
Switch VLAN10 = 160.40

The scheme seems to be correct but it must be a trunking issue somewhere between the 7206 and the 3560 but I can't seem to figure out what it is.

Hope that helps.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
So the 3560 in question is directly connected to the 7206, right?

Please post the ouput of the following:

show run int g0/1
show run int g0/1.10
show int g0/1
show int g0/1.10

show run int g0/5
show int status
show int trunk
CyberSecAuthor Commented:
This is what I had to do.

Give each switch with a VLAN10 a .160.X /24 address.

Make sure the PC on site 2 was in VLAN10.

From this point I could ping the .160 address from site 1 no problem but could not ping site 2 from site 1. From site 2 I could ping the site 2 switch but not site 1.

There was a trunking issue even though both switches had a vlan10 on them assigned from VTP.

The issue was that on the trunk port for both site 1 and site 2 there was a command "switchport trunk allowed vlan 1" and that had to be changed to "switchport trunk allowed clan 1, 10" and that resolved the issue.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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CyberSecAuthor Commented:
This is what the solution came down to.
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