Windows will not stop scrolling

This computer will not stop scrolling. When I select something, the screen starts scrolling and will not stop. In the past when this occurred I shut down, waited a few minutes and re-started and the condition was gone.
What can I do?
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Have you checked to ensure that none of your keys are stuck on your keyboard?  Have you checked to ensure that "scroll lock" hasn't been accidentally enabled (see the lights on your keyboard)?  Or... have you accidentally clicked your middle mouse button enabling free-move mode?

Next time it happens, might be worth unplugging your keyboard from the pc to see if stops... if it doesn't, plug it back in and try the mouse!

Might also be worth checking your mouse pointer (on screen) to see what it is when it happens... i.e. if it's the normal arrow, or maybe a circle with 4 arrows at N/E/S/W (free-move mode).
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
I this on a notebook or a desktop? In case of a notebook try disabling the touchpad and use an external mouse instead.
camelbreathAuthor Commented:
desk top
If on a desktop, then id suggest the things in my original post... Its usually really simple things like that!
camelbreathAuthor Commented:
The keyboard and mouse are OK. This computer does it intermittently with no predictable pattern. We finally rebooted enough to kill it. Thanks for your help
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