Exchange 2010 Mailboxes and All Rooms

Exchange 2010 has the new address list called "all rooms" - should I and how can I move all the conference room mailboxes to this address list?

Also, I recently moved a mailbox from one DB to another and the icon on the mailbox is still the "new local move request". I also deleted the move request. Why wont it go back to a regular mailbox icon?
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Sam SawalhiConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Here's what I will be performing per Microsoft

1. Move the mailbox to an Exchange 2010 server
2. Run: set-mailbox [MailboxName] –type Room
3. You can use either Powershell or the Management Console to set AutoAccept.
In Recipient Configuration | Mailbox | Select a Resource Mailbox | Properties | Resource General tab | ensure 'Enable the Rsource Booking Attendant...' box is ticked.
You can also perform this in Powershell, in an EMS window:
Set-CalendarProcessing "Resource Mailbox Name" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept

Hope this helps!

Thank you,
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