how to reset canfiguration for cisco 2950 catalyst


how to reset configuration for a cisco switch catalyst 2950 to default factory ?

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#write erase
If you have privlege exec mode access:   write erase
then reload (answer NO to save, Yes to reload)

after the switch comes up check for vlan information (show vlan) and if there you need to delete it manually:   delete flash:vlan.dat     then reload.

if you don't have privileged mode access then you need to reset the password first..

scroll to the section for the 2950, (power on press & hold the mode button till the system LED flashes amber, then goes solid green ...) follow the reset procedure through the first reload, it boots up gets you into the system, then do as above (write erase / reload / delete flash:vlan...)  show flash to see if the "renamed" config is there and delete that too.
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