Local Admin account Can't rename a folder on drive C

I'm doing something in the setup of a new machine that I have done hundreds of times... This time is different.

Simply changeing the directory name "MicroStation", to "MicroStation V8.05"

I know I can do this, but this time I get an access denied error.

I have checked the permissions for the folder, and I have full control.

I rebooted, Etc, and nothing. I am now doing a check disk, to see what that shows.

I'm not overly concerned about the final name of the directory, as much as I am worried by why it is doing this, and how will it effect other functions on the PC once a user gets on it.

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If you installed the application, you will want to see if it has set up services that are now running in memory, terminate and stay resident processes that are running in memory, or the like. As you are probably aware, Microsoft OS doesn't always give an error code that states the exact problem but rather might be the resultant error stemming from a problem less obvious. If you have done your checking and see that the account you are using does in fact have the access level to rename the folder, I think the problem might actually be "file in use" but the reporting to the console is only apearing to be an access issue.

in cases when message "access is denied" appears it is most likely related to file/folder permissions or that some process is using a file that is in a folder you are trying to rename.

Although you mentioned that you checked folder permissions please try to replace permissions on that folder, see ownership of that folder (if it is administrators, check if it has "inherit from parent the permission..." option enabled) and if that doesn't help you can always use safe mode and rename the folder :) if you are using Microsoft Operating System.


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Don ThomsonCommented:
If this is part of an installed program - you may want to rethink this
The easiest was to accomplish this is to uninstall the original program and re-install it using Custom install and change your folder name there -

Wven if you could rename the orioginal folder - the program may not work if there are registry entries giving thatat folder name.

Try rebooting into safe mode and renaming  the folder - Then reboot into regualar mode and check to make sure any shortcuts are changed and search in the registry to see if that folder name comes up. If it does - then change the registry entry to match the new folder name

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