Why can't I get past the first three attributes?

I have the following small XML file, where I store my program settings:
  <CannedText tTextTitle1="Fast Shipping!" tCannedDesc1="Still in manufacturer wrapping! Fast Shipping! Ships within 24 hours!  100% Satisfaction guaranteed!" tTextTitle2="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc2="" tTextTitle3="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc3="" tTextTitle4="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc4="" tTextTitle5="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc5="" tTextTitle6="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc6="" tTextTitle7="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc7="" tTextTitle8="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc8="" tTextTitle9="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc9="" tTextTitle10="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc10="" tTextTitle11="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc11="" tTextTitle12="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc12="" tTextTitle13="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc13="" tTextTitle14="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc14="" tTextTitle15="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc15="" tTextTitle16="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc16="" tTextTitle17="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc17="" tTextTitle18="Repl w/ title" tCannedDesc18="" />
  <ProgramOptions oAutoPricing="false" oVerifyDeletes="true" oBackupDB="true" oAutoSKU="true" oWarnNoCat="false" oWarnNoLoc="false" oGenCustNbr="true" oGenInvNbr="true" oAutoFileRetn="true" oToolTipsOff="true" oStartPanelSearch="false" oCurrEnglish="false" oCurrEuro="false" oCurrUS="false" oMoveAvgPrice="false" oMoveLowPrice="false" oUseAWS="true" oNoDesc="false" oAWSKey="084BT0EPNB27A07DGR82" oAWSSecretKey="Gk0QGlcORtiSZQxqGiifKyiarqmyf9jcS1U/5Eyw" oAZAssocTag="pragbook-20" oMerchantID="A20V78MULJSCYR" oMarketplaceID="ATVPDKIKX0DER" oHalfDotComToken="AgAAAA**AQAAAA**aAAAAA**uYiHRw**nY+sHZ2PrBmdj6wVnY+sEZ2PrA2dj6wJnYuhDpaLoAmdj6x9nY+seQ**DAsAAA**AAMAAA**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 " oSortOverride="false" oSortAsc="false" oSortDsc="false" oAllowAddUpdate="false" oUseReceipt="false" />
  <tabSettings oUPCSeq="0" oQtySeq="0" oLocSeq="0" oSKUSeq="0" oCostSeq="0" oPriceSeq="0" oRePriceSeq="260" oTitleSeq="0" oASignedSeq="0" oPubSeq="0" oYearSeq="0" oDescSeq="0" oCannedSeq="250" oCondSeq="0" oJacketSeq="345" oEdSeq="353" oTypeSeq="355" />
  <UploadSelections uAmazon="false" uAmazonUK="false" uAlibris="false" uBandN="false" uPapaMedia="false" uScribblemonger="false" uHalfDotCom="false" uChrislands="false" uCS1="false" uCS2="false" uCS3="false" uCS4="false" />
  <ExportSelections xAlibris="true" xAmazon="true" xBarnes="true" xChrislands="true" xHalf="true" xPapaMedia="true" />
  <RepricingSelections highByAmt="" whatPriceH="-1" lowByAmt="" whatPriceL="-1" newByAmt="" newWhatPrice="-1" condAmtVG="" condAmtG="" condAmtP="" belowMyCostOr="" discardBelowAmt="" discardAboveAmt="" priceLowPct="false" greaterSugg="true" lessSugg="true" highBelow="false" priceHighPct="false" lowBelow="false" dontGoBelowCost="false" priceNewPct="false" />
  <Miscellaneous mPictureFilename="" mBusinessAddress="Logo goes above; place your address here.  Maximum of 64 characters on two lines." mReceiptWidth="" mStoreName="" />
  <CustomSites customSite1="Custom Site 1" customSite2="Custom Site 2" customSite3="Custom Site 3" customSite4="Custom Site 4" />

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I access them, in order, with this code snippet:
if (File.Exists(xmlFilename)) {
	using (XmlReader tr = XmlReader.Create(xmlFilename)) {
		try {
			while (tr.Read())  // If the node has value 
				if (tr.IsStartElement("CannedText")) {
					if (tr.GetAttribute("tTextTitle1").Contains("Repl w/ title") == false) {
						tbCannedTitle1.Text = tr.GetAttribute("tTextTitle1");
						tbCannedDesc1.Text = tr.GetAttribute("tCannedDesc1");
					if (tr.GetAttribute("tTextTitle2").Contains("Repl w/ title") == false) {
						tbCannedTitle2.Text = tr.GetAttribute("tTextTitle2");
						tbCannedDesc2.Text = tr.GetAttribute("tCannedDesc2");

				if (tr.IsStartElement("ProgramOptions")) {
					if (tr.GetAttribute("oAutoPricing") == "true")
						cbAutoPricingLookup.Checked = true;
					else cbAutoPricingLookup.Checked = false;

					if (tr.GetAttribute("oVerifyDeletes") == "true")
						cbVerifyDeletes.Checked = true;
					else cbVerifyDeletes.Checked = false;
				 if (tr.IsStartElement("tabSettings")) {
					if (tr.GetAttribute("oUPCSeq").Length > 0)
						tbUPC.TabIndex = Convert.ToInt32(tr.GetAttribute("oUPCSeq"));
					if (tr.GetAttribute("oQtySeq").Length > 0)
						tbQty.TabIndex = Convert.ToInt32(tr.GetAttribute("oQtySeq"));
				 if (tr.IsStartElement("UploadSelections")) {
					if (tr.GetAttribute("uAmazon") == "true" && tbMarketplaceID.Text.Length > 0 && tbMerchantID.Text.Length > 0)
						cbUploadAmazon.Checked = true;
						cbUploadAmazon.Checked = false;

					if (tr.GetAttribute("uAmazonUK") == "true" && tbAWSKey.Text.Length > 0 && tbAWSSecretKey.Text.Length > 0)
						cbUploadAmazonUK.Checked = true;
						cbUploadAmazonUK.Checked = false;

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The problem is that the code will not process any of the items past "tabSettings".

How do I fix this?
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
What do you mean by, " the code will not process any of the items past 'tabSettings'"? I tested your code in a new project, and it seemed to process correctly. UploadSelections was retrieved as expected.
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
GREAT!  I didn't want to hear that! :D

When I put debug breakpoints on each of the lines that checks for the Start Element (lines 6, 19, 29 and 36).  only the first three stop... the remainder are ignored (there are more than what I show).
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
Do you want to see the complete code?
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
...and that is the exact XML you are using when you encounter that breakpoint behavior?

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rmmarshAuthor Commented:
Hi Kenneth... I found it... it's a pilot error on my part... there is an exception when processing the "tab settings" attributes.

Thanks for your help...

Rolf (Spokane-Dude)
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