BES Express migration from BES 4.2

Dear Experts,

I am In the process of migration from W2K3 with Exchange 2003 and BES 4.2

Would appreciate any tips on how to deal with the 4 blackberry handsets currently synced to BES 4.2

I am unclear at what stage do I do the following :

A) install BES express on the new SBS2011 [ do I wait until all mailboxes have all the emails re-imported ? ]

B) link the current Blackberry devices with the new BES express install

C) Wipe the old devices - do I take Desktop Backup of the device ...

D) is there a backup feature - migration wizard in the BES Manager on the current old server ? could not find it

E) would wipe of devices also wipe their Micro SD card stored images ?

Many thanks

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A)  You can install the BES Express at any time, either before or after the mailboxes have been moved and messages imported.  The BES will not begin accessing any user mailboxes until you have added a user to it.  Personally, I would probably go ahead and migrate the mailboxes first.

Also, you will almost certainly want to look at the following KB article as there are some extra steps you want to make sure to complete when migrating to 2010 (such as throttling policy, verifying MAPI/CDO versions, etc).  You can use either the same service account, or create a new one.

How to migrate from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 environment

B & C) With only 4 devices, I would probably do a Desktop Software backup of the devices as it doesn't take very long and I like backups :). If you decide to do this, remember to turn off wireless sync for calendar / contacts on the device so it backs those up as well.
After you have backed up, wiped a device, and moved the mailboxes, test activate that user/device.

D) There is a Transporter tool in the BlackBerry Resource Kit, but for your purposes I would recommend adding the users and activating to the new BES instead since you are changing mail platforms as well.  BES may get confused about the locations of the mailboxes if you use the transporter tool.

E) Wiping a device only wipes internal memory, so anything on the SD card will remain.  You can do data only or data and applications during the wipe.

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grimpexAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, read up on deactivating the blackberry by applying blank IT policy ...worried that it may leave some IT policies behind even though it says default IT policy in BES manager ...



Yes, I know for a fact that IT polices can be left behind that way.  I have seen some examples of trying to "Null" an it policy where setting the policy item to Null or blank in the BAS does not make any changes on the device -- the changes are only triggered to send for the Yes or No values.

Again, this doesn't mean that it isn't entirely possible that you can't use the Blank IT policy method, and that probably will work more often than not, but wiping the device is the safest bet.

Also, just FYI, the reset to factory that is discussed in your second link can also be done with BlackBerry Desktop Software, but it is only rarely needed.

How to reset the BlackBerry smartphone to factory defaults
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