Can't connect to multiple Airports in different locations

OK, here's a weird one.

We have two Apple Airport Extreme routers in our facility. They are at opposite ends of the building and don't see each other. We have them configured for the same WLAN name, but with different channels even though they are far enough apart to not see each other. We have had this config for at least two years without issue.

Today, for no reason that I can see no one can connect to the one in the back of the building. We have throughly checked the config. Thinking that perhaps the device had failed in some manner, we saved off the config and got out a brand new Airport and dumped the config onto it.  However, no one can connect to it either.

I then brought the old one up to my area where I have a working good one and I powered the working one down so that there was no chance of interference and I powered up the other one; still can not see it.  We have changed every setting we can; WLAN name, turning off Encryption, changing IP and adjusting all of the wireless settings to all their possible values; nothing will fix this issue.

Any thoughts?

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Sean MeyerIT DirectorCommented:
First thing to do is go with the default device configuration.  You said you offloaded the config and then uploaded it onto the new one.  Wipe it and start from scratch.  When you do that can you see the SSID broadcast ?

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jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
Problem solved and what ArmyGroo suggested was partially correct.

I wiped the entire config by hard resetting the device and I rebuilt it all by hand, except for the Access list because I didn't want to enter all that by hand. Still no connection.  Finally I decided that the only thing I hadn't changed was the timed access list. So I turned off that functionality and Voila it worked!!!  So to test, I copied off the config from the Airport in my area that was still working OK and then dumped just the access list onto the new one in the back of the building; nothing can connect; shut off that feature again and now we can connect. Totally don't understand that. We've used the MAC access list ever since we've done wireless and have never had a problem. Even if something was wrong with the access list on the one that "failed" you'd think that loading it from the other one would have worked.

Guess I'm not going to worry about it to much; you still have to have the key to get on the router and we use a nasty long and complex key.
jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
Thanx, got me looking in the right direction.
jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
A followup for clarification sake... we figured out the cause of the issue.  Yesterday someone added a new MAC address to the access list, but had entered an invalid address i.e., it had the wrong format; the last address pair wasn't a pair; for example instead of 5c it was just c. The Airport didn't balk at it and apparently it was working last night, but when we removed the invalid address, the Airport worked OK. So we put it back in with the proper format and the Airport continues to work. So the old one is working just as it should with the access list in place.

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