How do I get ACT! 2011 Pro Mail to work?

I have Sage ACT! Pro 2011.  I want to use its email functionality.  In trying to set up the preferences it always displays a mysterious blank error box as it is launching the "E-mail System Setup" dialog box. Then when I am presented a list of "e-mail systems you want to use with  ACT!" the only choice is "Internet Mail" even though I have Outlook 2010 which I use regularly.  So pressing onward I attempted to set up a POP3/SMTP account to work for ACT!  After following the dialouge and entering all pertinent information I used the "Test Connection" option under the Advanced tab and I get the following:
Establish Network Connection   Completed
Log onto outgoing mail server(SMTP)    Failed
Log onto incoming mail server (POP3)    Failed
Send test e-mail message   Failed
The error tab showed the following:
Failed to find outgoing server
Failed to find incoming server
Failed to send test e-mail
Not willing to give in I tried sending and receiving mail from this same account using Outlook 2010 and the test email function worked with ports 110/25 settings.  So then I tried actually to send mail from ACT! which launched the ACT! mail client.  Using the act mail client I was unable to send an email but I did get it to download the test message I had sent to the account earlier.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled ACT! 2 times, tried multiple settings but with no results.  I really need some email functionality.  If someone knows how I can get ACT! to recognize that Outlook exists and use it that would be fine.  If someone can help me to get the ACT! mail client to work and actually send messages using SMTP that would be fine too.
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
If Outlook isn't showing as an option, try this knowledgebase article:
Jim70Author Commented:
That is a large list.  Starting at the top I checked my version of Outlook 2010:
14.0.6112.5000 (64-bit)
The knowledge base article says "Currently only the 32-bit versions of Outlook/Office are supported" Should I abandon all hope of using Outlook since I am using a 64 bit operating system and 64 bit MS Office software?  Is getting the ACT! Mail Client working still a viable option?
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
It's fine with a 64bit operating system, but needs to have Office installed as 32bit - this is an option with installing Office.

Microsoft actually recommend using Office in 32bit (even on 64bit OS) unless using Excel files of 2GB or larger

You would need to uninstall BOTH Office and ACT! - then reinstall Office as 32bit and then ACT!

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Jim70Author Commented:
Ok.  Reinstalling ACT! was not very clean the last time I tried.  I noticed that no matter how hard I tried to get everything uninstalled, when I reinstalled ACT! it never needed a license key, and it tried to open the database I had erased.  Is there a better tool than MSInstaller to use for this?  Also reinstalling MSOffice is even more terrifying because of the mission critical data that could go damaged or missing (yes I know it is backed up, but...).  Any thoughts?  Having a seperate email for CRM purposes and using Internet Mail with ACT! seems like a shorter route but I have definitely hit a big barrier there with the SMTP function in the ACT! mail.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
You really shouldn't have any issues with uninstalling and reinstalling unless there is already damage to the Windows OS.

Neither should lose any data.

ACT!'s Internet Mail, unfortunately, won't work if your mail server uses SSL
Jim70Author Commented:
Finally did the reinstall as suggested and ACT 2011 and Outlook 2010 are syncronized and working.  Thanyou GLcomputing
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