One to Manny???

I'm going to create a demo ( test ) project,just to see it I'm understanding things correctly.
I'll have 3 tables
1- Contract
2- Client Contact
3- Welcome Letter

I want to make sure that my key fields are correct, here is how I'll be setting it up.

The Contact field will have a PK and the Client Contract & Welcome Letter will have a FK
So it should look something like this...

The Welcome Letter for the most part will be a standard letter with most of the info coming from merge fields and the contract other then the signature and a few other info will also be for the most part merge fields.

I want to be able to go back into the welcome letter and search for ID 3 that n the contract is John Doe and search in the welcome letter, put ID 3 and bring up a match of the welcome letter for John Doe.

Any and all help with be GREAT!

Thank You All...

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No, from your description, you don't want that.  Why I asked is to make sure you had concidered this option.  It sounds like you have.   :-)
The only thing I see as questionable is the Many to Many relationships.  Is it possible to have a single  letter for multiple contacts?  A single contract for multiple contacts?

If the answer to these questions are No, then you've hit it right on the head.
noadAuthor Commented:
A contact can have multi letter & muti contracts...

Should that not work like i have it?
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Yes, what you have is correct.  What I was asking about is the reverse.  Can a single contract or letter be assigned to multiple contacts.  So that you end up with a many to many relationship.
noadAuthor Commented:
But I don't want that correct?
I want to end up with one to many.
Hi Noad
I thnk you set up is fine.   If you decide to send more letters in the future you could call the "welcome letter" table "Letters".

noadAuthor Commented:


I'll give it a try.
noadAuthor Commented:

I'm thinking of changing it to Welcome Letters....
you can read minds...
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