Send email when Status changes on form

I have been researching this for a while now and can not find a clear answer on how to do the following.

I have a project form and there is a Project Owner (prjOwner) and Project Manager (prjManager).  They each can click a box that says "Send Email on Status Change".  What I woudl like to do is if the Status changes on the project for it to send an email to the PrjOwner or PrjManager if they have selected they would like to have the email. It would be nice to include in the body of the email what it was and what it was changed to with a doclink if possible.

I have seen other answers with the OnChange event and with advanced LotusScript but I am at a loss on how to actually do this. Any suggestions?
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When either of these users "subscribes" to the document, have their email address of username entered into a multivalue field.
When the document is saved, check the status field, if it's changed (compare the value using a profile document) send an email to the people in the "subscribers" field above.

You might do well to list out the steps that need to be performed from start to end to complete this task, maybe a flow diagram, then research each step in turn. Including attaching a docLink etc.
kali958Author Commented:
I have the document for the steps already written (workflow diagram). I am stuck on how to set the value of the status field when the document is open, then how to compare what the value of the status was on close and if it is changed then send the email to the prjOwner.
The value of the status field needs to be set on triggers. What are your triggers? Each of them needs to push a value to the Status field. Look up notsItem.setItemValue for code on setting the value or the UI document equivilent uiDocument.FieldSetText.

The comparison on Close should be done in the closeDocument event.
Each time the document is closed, you should:
1) Compare the current status to the OldStatus (using the field you create, see below).
2) If different, send the email, lookup notesDocument.send and there should be examples for you. Use the contents of the field with the users subscribed as your recipients.
3) Then set a value for a field to store the "OldStatus" making it the same as the current status. Next time the status is updated, you can compare it to the OldStatus.

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