Windows Server 2008 install failure

I'm installing Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit on an HP ML350 G6 through SmartStart.It accepts the media and goes through copying the files but at the 99% complete mark, the install fails and gives the error:

"The win.xml file was not generated correctly.This may have resulted from a failed file copy of install.wim."

Anyone know a workaround or a fix for this or what causes this? The ISO was downloaded from MS and burned to DVD successfully.
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Sam SawalhiConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:

Are you using the smartstart to install?

Maybe your installation media has some issues?

Thank you,
Sam SawalhiIT ConsultantCommented:
Elessar1Author Commented:
I am using SmartStart, latest version
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Just skip the SmartStart CD and install Windows.  Once you've got it running, install the PSP, and you've accomplished the same work.

SmartStart is useful when it saves you time, but when it does not, skip it.
I would try burning the DVD again, possibly at a slower speed, or alternatively, do the install from a suitably sized USB pen drive.
Use latest version of smart start.
Error clearly states that issue with the installation files. Its better you re-download the ISO or get a new copy of installation to fix this issue.
Elessar1Author Commented:
it turned out that SmartStart couldn't install the image of W2k8 R2 w/SP1. Using another image of R2 before SP1 allowed the install to proceed succesfully.
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