HP laptop keyboard issue

I have a very annoying case with the hp laptop keyboard. One day just went on strike.
I am not sure what happened. When I press buttons sometimes letters do not come up or different letters appear. Sometimes when I press one button a few letter come up. it is ver weird.

I have done virus, malware, spyware check. All clean
I did go back in past using system restore. No joy.

When I use on-screen keyboard I can type in letters ok.
I can not log into the system properly without on-screen keyboard.
I have checked regional settings. The OS is Windows 7 Professional. The laptop is about 1 year old.

Please help. I have run out of ideas.

Many thanks
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Sounds like the keyboard died.  I've had a few with the same symptoms.  Sometimes a reseat of the cable will fix it but usually you just need a new keyboard.  You can probably pick one up on eBay for $20.
You can check a few things. I'll bullet them below:

1) Under Control Panel \ Regional Settings \ Keyoards and Languages - Click the Keyboards button and make sure you are using an English Keyboard - US

2) Click the Advanced Key Setting tab and make sure the word (None) is to the right of the English (United States) US description

3) In the device manager, you should have either HID Keyboard Device or Standard PS/2 Keyboard. If you see other keyboads (that you do not recognize), you may opt to delete them, then use the mouse to restart the PC

If that doesnt work, your laptop is probably under warranty, you can either opt to have it checked out at an authorized dealer, or do the painful reimage using your restoration discs.
I missed that you can log in ok.  I would try a Linux live cd to verify that the keyboard works fine outside of Windows.  It wouldn't hurt to check for a BIOS update also.  Sometimes they will have keyboard controller updates too.
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Wow I misread it again.  You cannot log in w/ keyboard.  Get a new one.  If a Windows setting was wrong it wouldn't be random.
test if the keyboard (hardware) works when booted from a live Knoppix cd :  ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V6.7.0CD-2011-08-01-EN.iso

this will show if it's ok or not
While doing all this stuff, testing and whatnot, you could use an external keyboard .

Will help separate hardware from software issues.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"About 1 year old" or more than 1 year old - if less get this as a warranty repair before the year is up.  This is suprisingly common & especially with HP Mini's - Replacing the keyboard with a new one is very straightforward, but it's better if HP do it for you at no cost!
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