How do i get email to work on SBS 2008 server standard

Hi There
I’m new to servers and would like some help in setting up my new server so i can use it to be my email server as well as being able to use Remote Web Work space from out in the community
any help would be much appreciated.
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If you are setting up a 2008 SBS server, all you have to do is follow the SBS wizards, and the server will automatically install and configure Exchange, SharePoint, WSUS and Remote Web Workplace, among other services.

You'll need to forward TCP 25, 80, 443 and 987 through the firewall to the SBS server to provide full access to the mail, web-based and remote web functions.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You mean how to set up exchange ?

How to you want to use it?

Do you want to retive mail from another server via POP for example, or do you want mail to be sent/delivered directly to your server ?

lots here
yartzAuthor Commented:
i would like my server to be my mail server i have a url that i want to use.
i have set-up a dyndns account as i need to setup a mx records from what i have read.
also i will need help setting up my router which is a netgare dg834g
as im not sure what ports need forwarding.

hope this helps
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
you can use MDaemon to setup your server as Email Server
further information can be found here:
yartzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dustin_Loftis can you help me with another issue I don't have a static ip address is there a way around this problem?, as my provider wants to charge me a business plan for my internet and I'm just doing this to learn some more and help my self up skill.
Dustin_LoftisCommented: will allow you to set up a dynamic MX record.
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