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SBS 2008 Premium Dell OEM Media

We have lost our media for SBS 2008 Premium (SBS 2008, Windows 2008 Standard).

Dell cannot provide it.  Microsoft told us to go ask Dell.

We are stuck, stuck, stuck.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
In the future, DO NOT buy OEM media.  Buy a volume license.  

Do you have a TechNet or MSDN subscription?  They OEM key MAY work with that.  If not, you may have to try e-bay or other businesses to obtain the media.  Failing that, you may simply be forced into upgrading.  (STRONGLY recommend once you obtain media, MAKE ISO images of it and back it up!)
dpweissAuthor Commented:
Yeah.  That's our process going forward.  

There is no media on eBay.  It's not legal to resell the meda.  Technet, MSDN and ActionPack all no love.

I need Dell or other SBS OEM media.

Easy to say buy Open License.  However my small business customers often can pay the extra $$$.  I always offer it first.

Tons of people out there have this media.  Hoping someone can help me get the copy I need.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What extra money?  $100?  OEM media ties you to the hardware - that means you cannot even use a BDR backup device and you have to pay for it AGAIN when you get a new server.  And it can hinder virtualization.  Considering the price difference is MINIMAL, don't give them the option.  When you quote a server, this is the server cost, this is the SBS license cost.  DONE.

We've had a discussion on this topic in my consultant group in NYC - few if any of us will buy OEM anymore, it just doesn't make sense and the cost difference is minimal (you ARE a microsoft partner, right?  You get your own Ingram Micro account or D&H and you can choose how much you want to sell it for - roughly OEM cost or tack on more up to the MSRP (or even more if you want to be bold).
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dpweissAuthor Commented:
Responses do not address my question/problem.

Thanks for your advice about how to serve my customers even though I didn't ask for any.
dpweissAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for dpweiss's comment http:/Q_27513817.html#37354730

for the following reason:

Not getting appropriate responses.  Accepting my own and closing.  Will repost to solicite more appropriate and helpful responses.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'm sorry you're offended by me pointing out the price difference is minimal and that dozens of other consultants have already reached this conclusion.

When you allow your client to purchase a certain product, you should be knowledgeable and aware of the limitations of that product and you should explain to the client the issues with using it.  If, as an informed client, they still want to go that route, FINE.

As this is an OEM install the only one who can provide the media is Dell.  It's frequently suggested to barrow media from a friend or something like that, but you STILL need the KEY - which is only included with the media (and frankly, I forgot).  So if you don't have the media, you're only other option if Dell won't sell you the replacement media) is to upgrade to SBS 2011 which will provide you with new media.  Or buy a complete package of SBS 2008 (which would, in my opinion, be silly and a waste of money considering SBS 2011 is available).

If YOUR CLIENT is the one who failed to properly store the media YOUR CLIENT has to take the responsibility.  Which may mean purchasing new software.  If YOU misplaced the media, then it's your responsibility to replace it and I don't envy you having to pay as much as you likely will.

I'm sorry you don't like my answers, but that doesn't make them wrong.
dpweissAuthor Commented:
Moderator.  Please apply points as you see fit.  My question was never answered.  Hence I don't plan to accept any answers on either question.  This will be my last post on this question.
With respect, your question was answered very clearly by someone with a great deal of expertise with this topic (and an MS MVP).

In your original question, you stated "We are stuck, stuck, stuck." and asked for "Suggestions?".

In all fairness, you did get what your asked for (and perhaps a little more).

I am going to close out this question using the information provided. It will be good information for future readers with the same problem.

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