Autocomplete from one Outlook 2010 profile to another?

What file/folder do I need to transfer to move my autocomplete from one Outlook 2010 to another Outlook 2010. I've tried importing the PST as a whole, even "suggested contacts"  but that's no good.

2010 no longer uses Nick Name files (.NK2) but there simply has to be some way to get your Autocomplete working? Someone posted a link to the Roaming Cache directory - tried that solution but no joy.

Greg MasonOwnerAsked:
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Here's microsoft's way to import your old, .nk2 file, into Outlook 2010, but more than that, is a descritpion of how the new 2010 autocomplete works

In Outlook 2010, the AutoComplete file is saved with .dat extension and its header data is a little different from the previous versions of Outlook. I do this all the time and use N2KEdit to do this.

I can walk you through step-by-step if you need.
Greg MasonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Using an out-of-date .NK2 file isn't going to help me. But thanks anyway SAPPHIRE.

BrianDrab, I am moving FROM OL 2010 TO OL2010. How does an NK2 editor help with that process?
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Oh and the file is also stored here; in outlook 2010, by default.


You can edit it, with N2KEDIT by NIRSOFT, love those guys...
Here's the 32 bit version:
and the 64 bit version:

Greg MasonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Ok, and thanks, but.... How does that help me to move the info into a new 2010 Outlook profile? What am I missing?

I know where the .DAT is located, but if you move (and rename it) to the new profile, Outlook just zero's the file out and you are back to nothing.
True. Only if you wanted to modify it before moving it over. If you look in C:\Users\<user logon name>\Local Settings\microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache> you will see a stream_autocomplete*.dat file which is the file that you will move over.

Make sure that on the new Outlook 2010 that you have sent at least one email and closed outlook so you can see the name that was generated for the autocomplete file. Then copy this file in its place and rename to what that name was. Open up Outlook and then Close Outlook. Now Open it up and your autocomplete entries should be there.
1. Download N2KEdit (I'm also assuming you are using the 32-bit version of Outlook)
2. Open up two instance of this program. In instance one have the NEW profile's .dat file open. In the 2nd instance open up the OLD profile's .dat file from the old Outlook (the one that contains all the entries)
3. Select all the entries from the 2nd instance and drag and drop them into the new profile's .dat file.
4. Select 'Sort Items By Weight Values' option (under the Action Menu)
5. Save changes.

Let me know if you have problems doing this. The instructions listed above are from

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Greg MasonOwnerAuthor Commented:
Ok. I'll try it (again).

Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
A best practice and a simplier process would be to not rely on autocoplete but rather rely on your Contacts & Suggested Contacts by using Check Names function. See attached.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Any updates? Let me know. Thanks!
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
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