Auto FE Updater program-changing desktop icon

I wonder if anyone has used Tony Toews FE updater program.
I just have downloaded free program- and cannot figure out how to change icon in it.
( for frontends when send out through email)
i try to change icon by right clicking properties and changing icon.
But am getting this error? ( have attached it)
I have tried his update process- but does not change icon-
Thank you
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
Better contact Tony.  I'm quite familiar with that app in an awareness context, but no clue on that.
Where did you get a free version?  He has been charging for quite some time ...

davetoughAuthor Commented:
downloaded the free version about 3 years ago I think- found i still have zipped file-
I have not checked his newer versions ( that cost? from your question where did i get free version?) - i may do that-
i'll leave this question a little longer- and I guess I should now add - this is the old free version
thank you
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