Quickbooks alternative (very basic accounting software)


I'm looking for an alternative to QuickBooks as it's way too complex for my needs and I find it very user-hostile. I'm a sole proprietor in computer services so I don't need payroll, inventory, time tracking, etc.

I just need income / expense tracking, invoicing, and contact list. At the top of my wish list is synchronization of contacts with gmail (I'm REALLY tired of copy and paste of contact info from gmail into Quickbooks and vice versa, and export from gmail and import into whatever isn't a whole lot better).

I've spent several hours searching the web with no luck. Anyone here have any ideas? At this point I don't have a preference between a web-based package or traditional install-on-my-machine package.


Harry Z.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
With respect to QuickBooks, you are in no way obliged to use Payroll, Inventory, Time Tracking, etc. Use only what you need. I am an independent business person, and use QuickBooks. I happen to use Payroll, but none of the other stuff. The newest version V2012 support invoice emailing via web mail. That was new in this version.

Hostile is not a word I would use, so perhaps you need to keep good records and let an accountant pull together the bits. Lots of sole proprieters do that. So maybe you do not even need an accounting package.

Simply Accounting is the same general level as QuickBooks, so there is no reason to recommend it. I do not think you would like Simply either.

Take a look at:  

Perhaps there is something there for you to consider. If the link above does not work, just go to freshbooks.com

.... Thinkpads_User

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Sam SawalhiIT ConsultantCommented:
I have personally used Atrex for over 10 years very straight forward you do a lot with this software from invoicing, ordering, quotes, service tickets, inventory, and accounting.

Here is their website

I hope this helps you!
Thank you,

harry_zAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, but neither one addresses my main issue: synchronization of contact info between gmail and the accounting package. Does anyone know of a basic accounting package (either web-based or install on my machine) that will do this?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If the suggestions above do not work, then QuickBooks is one of the least expensive packages. As noted, you are not obliged to use all the functionality. Stay away from: Payroll, Inventory, Jobs, Classes and Multi-Currency and you can run a very basic set of books. That would be basic enough that you can also use QuickBooks Online (Web Version) and that should work as well.

The landscape works like this:  Free with limitations; then QuickBooks and Simply Accounting for small business; then bigger packages for bigger businesses (AccPac, Great Plains) . ... Thinkpads_User
harry_zAuthor Commented:
I've requested attention to get additional opinions / advice...
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I understand... when I found that I HAD to call in to Intuit to activate QuickBooks 2012 and listen to a potential sales pitch, I was infuriated.  And I have doubts about my next QuickBooks upgrade.

I have only used GnuCash and that wasn't in production... no idea about what integrates with what, but you can review and consider the packages here as options:
harry_zAuthor Commented:
Mahalo to all who answered, but unfortunately no one addressed my main concern of synchronizing gmail contacts with an accounting package. So, equal points to all who took the time to reply.

Harry Z.
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