What are the best SEO Tools?

Can anyone recommend what are the best SEO Tools that you have the great experience with? it can be the offline application or the cloud app. Free or Paid.
Also please recommmend the best practices to do the SEO in ASP.NET.
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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
I write my own tools so find most in the market offer little extra value to what I can bake myself.

So, it really depends on your needs/wants.

I've recently subscribed to Raven SEO Tools as it pulls together a lot of other data sources into one nice interface. It's geared towards SEO professionals.

Market Samurai also does some good stuff. I'd say that's more about people trying to invent then market a business on-line.

SEOmoz tools are also pulling together well and they have their own source of data.
I would  recommend Traffic Travis . It is a Powerful SEO Tool. Price: Free; paid upgrade available.
JohnyITAuthor Commented:
but how about other tools that they say it's the great SEO Tools..... are they just the scam?
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