How do I use DD-WRT v24+ as OpenVPN CLIENT to connect to pfsense 1.2.3 OpenVPN Server from behind a ROUTER obviously being Natted?

How do I use DD-WRT v24+ as OpenVPN CLIENT to connect to pfsense 1.2.3 OpenVPN Server from behind a ROUTER obviously being Natted?

That's the basic question above, here are the details of what I'm working with:

Site 1 (sight I am at):

Proposed New Addition: DD-WRT router (TL-WR1043ND v1.8) running latest v24 (I want to use this from inside my current network to hand out IP addresses via wired and wireless that tunnel all traffic through the remote OpenVPN network).

pfSense 1.2.3 router (I'm just passing through this so just ignore this and pretend were dealing with any old plain vanilla NATTED connection like as if I was in a hotel room somewhere.)  Local IP range is

Important Note: I can already properly connect to site #2 from my laptop behind Site #1's pfsense box using OpenVPN client on Windows 7 laptop and all traffic is redirected through the tunnel successfully.  Here is what my OpenVPN file looks like:

port 1198
dev tun
;dev-node tap0
proto tcp-client
remote 1198
ping 10
ca ca.crt
cert client_1.crt
key client_1.key
ns-cert-type server
verb 4

Open in new window

Site 2 (sight I want to connect to):

pfSense 1.2.3 router on a STATIC IP address say for a placeholder.   I've attached my OpenVPN server configuration snapshot for this site.
Snapshot of my pfsense OpenVPN configuration
Like I said connection from my laptop from ANYWHERE on the internet with the OpenVPN client to this pfsense box works perfectly.

Nothing shows up under the DD-WRT router under Status->OpenVPN.

Here is what shows up on the pfsense box OpenVPN log repeatedly (connection never completes):

Dec 30 08:41:19      openvpn[57991]: Re-using SSL/TLS context
Dec 30 08:41:19      openvpn[57991]: LZO compression initialized
Dec 30 08:41:19      openvpn[57991]: TCP connection established with
Dec 30 08:41:19      openvpn[57991]: TCPv4_SERVER link local: [undef]
Dec 30 08:41:19      openvpn[57991]: TCPv4_SERVER link remote:
Dec 30 08:41:20      openvpn[57991]: Connection reset, restarting [-1]

Anybody know the magical configuration to make this work?
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You'd better check pfSense's logs. They may give you a clue about why the connection is dropped.

Also, it may help to temporarily increase verb to 5 on dd-wrt side.
wfninpaAuthor Commented:
My pfsense logs are shown here already.  Dd-wrt shows nothing for status, there are no logs on the dd-wrt side and how do I even specify verb 5 on the dd-wrt side.  I listed my openvpn windows 7 client config to assist, is that what made you suggest increasing it to verb 5 on the dd-wrt side?  Is that even possible?  If so how?
You can telnet/ssh to dd-wrt box. Generated config file is in /tmp/openvpncl/openvpn.conf file. You can edit it using vi editor and kill openvpn process and start it from command line. If you'll omit --daemon option, then you'll get all the logs in your telnet/ssh window. This way you'll find much more information what is going on.
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wfninpaAuthor Commented:
Okay I will give that a try.  Can you see anything wrong with my configuration from what I have posted?
Nothing wrong so far.

One thing to check could be the field "Public Server Cert" in dd-wrt's OpenVPN config. There should be CA's public cert. I have no idea why dd-wrt's authors named that field this way.

If that doesn't help -- then just logs on dd-wrt side can help.

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wfninpaAuthor Commented:
Confusingly labeled.  You were right.  Got them in the right place.  Thank you.
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