Is there a limit to how many apps you can install on win 7?

A potential new client has 10 new win 7 machines. They are an accounting firm and he wants me to install a long list of apps onto each of the machines. He says he has them installed on the win xp machines that are being replaced.  Is there a limit to how many apps you can install on a PC and still have a well runing machine? They gave me a list of apps that included:
Quickbooks, peachtree, pro series and lacerte with most years from 2004 to 2012 (so that's about 30+ apps with these alone)
Practice CS
Document management app,
PDF creator software
Office (he said dell didn't install the OEM version and he's getting the software)
savings bond wizard app
spector 360
and a few other apps.

does anyone have an accounting firm for a client and is this typical? Do all the apps play nice with each other? Are there other solutions?

Are there automated ways to install all these apps? I would think build 1 machine and image the rest would be best, but it is oem licenses.  some of the apps they will install themselves, so arguing that volume license for the OS would allow imaging, save time but cost more likely would be stopped at the cost more part of the conversation.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
There is noo limit to the number of applications - other than the amount of disk space each takes. Also bear in mins that as you add more applications most will add entries to the registry - making it larger and some may install services or processes that launch at boot all of which can use memory.

Imaging is a possibility but as you have already identified the use of OEM licences is going to make this tricky.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks. is there a way to automate the installs? typically, coudl start them with a batch file, but each would need manual answers, continue, etc. right?
but a batch file would be sure you wouldn't miss an install, I guess.

you didn't mention terminal server, which is good - I've never worked with it and adding hard costs like that, the client doesn't seem to want.  but is that an option? (install the apps once on the TS, right?) not all apps work with TS though, right?

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Some application install can be automated - it depends on the application itself.

Terminal services may be an option but again you may need the volume licence editions of some software if its going to work on TS (Microsoft Office for example). Also you will need to purchase Client Access Licences for each client connected to Terminal Services
Please also keep in mind that many applications don't support "side by side" installations, i.e., having multiple versions on the same computer.  I know Timeslips doesn't allow you to put on both 2007 and 2010, for instance.  Office would allow you, but peculiarities are bound to happen if you do that.  Quickbooks could be a problem too.
You can automate installations if the app installers support MSI reasonably well, with tools from Active Directory group policies, to Systems Management Server.  However with only 10 PCs, your setup overhead with the tools won't be too much less than going through them manually.
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