Why does my computer crash when I try to install Cisco Anyconnect

I am uploading the dump.  Please help!
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Which OS do you have?
There is not here to go on.
Do you have a crash dump to analyze?
logs detailing why the system crashes i.e. kernel panic, etc.?
Teresa6727Author Commented:
My PC is running XP SP3
Teresa6727Author Commented:
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Teresa6727Author Commented:
I'm new to Experts Exchange.  Should I have changed the zone some how?
Use request attention and adjust the zones to which this question is assigned.

Has your computer crashed on other occasions?

It could be an issue with driver/network which is what any connect adds.

You did not upload the crash dump file.

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Teresa6727Author Commented:
This is the info to the file:

File ID: 8179 has been found. Here are the file details:

File ID 8179
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Uploaded by teresa6727
Upload Date Dec 30th 2011 7:37 AM
# Downloads 1
Filename Mini123011-04.dmp
File size 92 KB
File Comment this is the dump file that was created when my pc crashed.

Teresa6727Author Commented:
To answer your question, no this has not happened before and I have a cisco anyconnect set up for another network.
The error is because of  fw.sys %ssytemroot%\system32\fw.sys

Do you have another VPN client installed i.e. from checkpoint which might be where fw.sys came from?

If you have a client installed, I would think you would only need to get the policy for the new connection versus trying to install a new client all together.
Teresa6727Author Commented:
Well there are others that do what I do and had previous anyconnect connections.  The install worked for them, but they are running windows 7.  I tried to use my client to connect to the network I already had established but it failed saying it cannot connect to the secured gateway.  I do not see how I can add another connection to the client.  It seems to be only for the one network
Are you installing the new any connect client while the VPN is connected to the other network?
Within the any connect VPN client that you have, do you have an option to add a policy?

Do you have some firewall application on the workstation?
can not tell from what you've posted what is going on and what might be causing this issue.
Teresa6727Author Commented:
I have several different vpn softwares which are required.  I was not connected to another network.  It looks like I have picked up a virus.  I am running malwarebytes now to try and clean that up.  I will let you know if that resolves the issues.   I want to thank you for your assistance so far!
Teresa6727Author Commented:
Viruses have been cleaned but my pc still crashes during the install process.  It actually got to the restarting services point when it crashed.
Teresa6727Author Commented:
This is no longer an issue.  Thanks to everyone!
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