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Between work and family I run into many issues where I'd like to easily compare the browser settings and information instead of manually stepping through a comparison.  When results for a given web site or process are different I think one of the steps for analysis is to compare browser settings.  Is there any tool, process, or web site that allows for a good summarization report of a given browser?  Then part two would be for a way to do a side by side comparison of settings.
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I hesitate to recommend, but you can export from the registry into a text file.  However, unless you're familiar and comfortable working in the registry, and know how to backup/restore registry files, I'd probably advise against it.  Because of the inherent dangers of tinkering in the registry (you can render your PC inoperative), I'm not going to post any specific details at this time.  If you are familiar with the registry, you can probably find what you need.  If you aren't, then you probably shouldn't use this situation as a "learning moment" without some basic registry exposure/training.
You can export from group policy to a text file.  Run gpedit.msc from the command line and navigate to the Internet Explorer settings.  Navigation will vary depending on your OS.  For Win7, it's under the following:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer.

To export, select whatever level you want to compare, right-click and "Export List..."
Hmm...disregard my last comment.  Seems this only shows those settings setup by Group Policy (Although this might give you some ideas about how to manage some aspects; one of the most frequent issues with many computer applications is unintentional changes made by the user).
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