RSS feeds in IE9 (Windows 7) not auto updating anymore

I have subscribed to several RSS feeds in IE9 and even thought they are all configured to update regularly they have stopped doing this and will now only update when I right-click on them and choose Refresh All.  I have not made any changes to their configuration so I don't know why they have stopped auto updating all of a sudden.

How can I get them to auto update again?
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i think its a bug i.e., an error . try to update it manually and then check it will start updating automatically,
KhaiPiAuthor Commented:
As I said, I am regularly selecting Refresh All to manually update them and the problem persists.
KhaiPiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the second link helped.  My feed synch was disabled for some reason and now that I re-enabled it the feeds are updating automatically once more.
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