Test input jack using Knoppix

How can I do that
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Here's a guide on how to test sound recording (aka mic input) from Knoppix:

Keep in mind that there may be two sound input ports on your PC, one in back and one in front. Be sure to test both.
Do you mean the audio input jack?

Is it not working in Windows? Which version?
plse explain what you want to do
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Just boot up Knoppix live CD and play a sound file(mp3) and plug in speakers or head phones to see if there is sound.
KaranGuptaAuthor Commented:

I am using windows vista


I am not able to do audio chat. I want to check my audio jack.


How to set up Knoppix as booting device
ha - now we know a bit better how to answer
first - can you hear windows -or knoppix sounds? eg when you start you have the welcome sound
if you can't hear sounds, no use looking further, this must be ok first
if that is fine - make sure the mike is ok (test it on another pc) and selected as standard input device

here my guide :
See if  my sound procedure checklist helps :
-check if the device is enabled in the bios
-in device manager, check if the card is installed without errors
-look if there are driver updates available, and install them
-if needed, install / uninstall the  UAA HD Audio Bus driver    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888111
-start>run>services.msc  and check if the Windows Audio service started and set to automatic?
        then, from Device Manager>view   click "show hidden devices" , now  right click your sound devices, and select Uninstall.
        Reboot, and cancel the wizard to reinstall
        Install your latest drivers, and reboot to complete the install......
-in the audio and sound applet>audio tab check if the sound card is selected
-in the volume section, check if the sound is turned up enough, and NOT muted
-in the audio and sound applet>sounds tab select the start windows sound, and check if you can play it
-check if the speakers are connected to the proper sound output (green)
-test the speakers on another PC

of course, if the sound device is bad - it won't work, but you can test that by running from the live Knoppix cd - you should hear the welcome sound : ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/dist/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V6.4.4CD-2011-01-30-EN.iso 
Ohh to use Knoppix just burn the image you downloaded to a cd/dvd .

Then it is like a windows cd.]

Put in the Knoppix cd and boot your computer, at some put you will see some list with LIVE CD option of some sort.

Choose the LIve Cd option and but it to a Destop.
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