CISCO ASA 5505 PPOE w/Static IP

Hi all,
Updating from SpeedStream 4200-Series to a ASA 5505. What is the config for static IP using pppoe?

Static IP 72.x.x.13
username: dandxxxx
password  dmxxxxx
gateway 151.x.x.5
dns 166.x.x.11 and .13

does the current modem/router need to stay in place in bridge mode or removed from the equation..
Thanks in advance and have a great new year!
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This site should give you the information you need:
mgraftAuthor Commented:
i have been on this page for 2 hrs. total newbie to the asa thanks for the link.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
ip address outside n.n.n.n pppoe

should do it. Hope this helps
mgraftAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help gentlemen. I think I have it figured out
mgraftAuthor Commented:
recieved a lot of help from a friend who is  network engineer
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