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Is it possible to programatically, on a web server, generate a Google Map of a specific address, scale it to the scale desired (about 2 mi square), & save it to an image file so it can be downloaded & viewed with no internet connection?
Richard KortsAsked:
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Molnar IstvánConnect With a Mentor HelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
i think before you do this you should check the terms of service for the google APIs
@quicksilver17: +1

@rkorts: the answer is yes, it's doable... the question is do you violate the terms of the license agreement for the Google Maps API to do that...
Richard KortsAuthor Commented:
To all:

I understand, I looked at the terms, of course it's a huge morass of legalese, but I gather I can't do that.
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