LibreOffice macro error -- #Value


I'm trying to create macros to handle a number of spreadsheet routines in LibreOffice Calc.

The output of every single function has suddenly become #VALUE in the spreadsheet.

And as a corollary, the numeric output when they did work had four decimal places -- no amount of formatting would convert them to currency.

Can you help?

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Glen GibbOwnerAsked:
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I am not sure right off what could be the problem.  A little more information would help out.  Could you please post either the spreadsheet you are using (make sure all confidential information is removed) or post the code of one or two macros.  That way we can take a closer look to see what exactly is happening.

Glen GibbOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for getting back to me, Bear.

I'll post the resolution for anyone who runs into the same issue.  I surely did do a lot of fruitless searching, so I hope someone can profit from my experience.

The issue was to search Google for "StarBasic," which took me awhile to figure out.

The search will lead you to a number of good sites.  The following link was most useful:   OOMacros

The gist of my errors was the Error Handling in StarBasic:  I am used to the VBA syntax (Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.Description, etc.)  StarBasic returns the errorNumber in "Err", the error message in Error$ and the line number in Erl.  

Once I replaced the offending code, everything smoothed out.

I'm awarding you the points.   Tnx.
Glen GibbOwnerAuthor Commented:
Happy New Year!
Glen GibbOwnerAuthor Commented:
Oh, and the strange number formatting is what StarBasic does with currency:  $2.00 looks like this -- 2.0000.    To handle the number formatting, I changed the currency datatype to "single."


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