icloud not connecting

two laptops, side by side.  the one on the left is win 7 64 bit, and connects to icloud just fine.  go to https://www.icloud.com, and the one on the left connects when i log in.  the one on the right is vista 32 bit, i can get to the internet, but when i attempt to log in, using either IE or FireFox, get the message "icloud encountered an error while trying to connect to the server."  so its not dns, not internet connectivity, not password.  the one on the right has some mac stuff like itunes, which works just fine.
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can you install the iCloud control panel on the Vista laptop?

Otherwise, is Vista fully updated?
sumton1Author Commented:
icloud control panel is installed; all the latest updates.
How many times did you try logging in?It has a limit then you have to reset password here.

Give this a read you also have to change password on devices.
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Do you see the same behavior on the Vista machine if you attempt to log in using Safari for Windows?
sumton1Author Commented:
i d/l safari and installed it.  when i went to icloud i was told that i needed the latest version of IE, Foxpro, or Safari.  no joke.  so i uninstalled it.

i think the OS on this machine has issues.  i sent it back to the customer and told her that icloud will not run.
sumton1Author Commented:
there was no answer for this.
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