COM Add-Ins and Apartments

Do you have to initialize COM in each new thread that is launched inside of an In-proc server?  I know that this has to be done client side.

Each new thread in the dll server will be accessing the COM object via the GIT, and my threading model is STA.

It's a little puzzling to me since I know I don't have to initialize COM in a dll server since it's threading model is set in the registry.

However, when I launch a new thread, I don't know if this new thread will automatically enter an Apartment.  Given that you can sometimes not follow COM rules and still have your code work correctly; I also know that if you don't follow Good programming practices, you will pay for it later, even if you think you're getting away with it now.

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Wherever / whenever you create a thread, if it is going to make any COM calls, you need to CoInit that thread. MTA threads should also call CoInit per thread, not just STA. That CoInit call is where you set the model for that thread.

If your DLL server is creating background worker threads that won't participate in COM in any way, they don't need CoInit calls.

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