AT&T Uverse 2Wire with PFSense and Static IPs..

Today I wasted 12 hours and talked to more non technical technicians that I have in five years..

I am attempting to upgrade a AT&T DSL Netopia link to an AT&T Uvers "2Wire" link.

The Netopia ran in Bridge mode and PFSense handled my Static IP /29 range.  No one seems to have a clue how to do this with a "2Wire" infact they are now telling me they can't do it and want to deinstall the  Uverse and go back to DSL, except someone jumped the un and disconnected the old service before the new service was operational.

I had a static IP range of five usable addresses.

           .80 Network..
           .81 Netopia (Bridge Mode)
           .82 PFsense
                 .83 Open
                 .84 NXU/2A (ACU DSP-2)
                 .85 Rack Jr
                 .86 Asterisk.
           .87 Broadcast

With the Netopia in Bridge mode all traffic was passed to PFSense box.

Well the UVerse "2Wire" will not do bridging and infact I can't ping or tracert any of the "static" IPs either so I am not sure that any of the AT&T routing is correctly, or maybe the "2Wire is eating the ICMP messages.

Anyway, I am hoping someone here has a better understanding iof the AT&T "2Wire" and Static IP routing so I can make this work..

TIA, an a safe and Happy Year to all..
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Problem is requested close --

I gave up and had the old DSL / Netopia unit reinstalled and after five days of partial to no service things are working again an stable, although the speed was nice, just not worth the grief.. ..

AT&T is a disaster when it comes to DSL connections. They have something wacky in the way those lines are engineered. The last fight I had with one we had to throw out the (so-called) "router" and replace it with the simplest "DSL Modem" possible that did the least and had the fewest possible "features",...then it worked.  But our situation with it was simpler than yours, we only had one IP# to worry about and only one PC attached to the Line.

We also have an OS3 Fiber from AT&T and everything is fine with it. But you are getting into Industrial Class Connections with that so it is a whole different story.  However even with that I have a local ISP broker the DS3 so they act as the "middleman" between us an AT&T so they have to deal with AT&T instead of us.

I wish I had something more productive to give you but I've been just as frustratated with them. Even the Installer they sent out was frustrated with them because he couldn't get the details he needed (from his own tech support people) and complained that they would not spend the time and money to send their Installers to get the training they really needed.
this looks as if it might be relevant
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PhonebuffAuthor Commented:
Nope --

   I have seen a number of postings over there but non for the "2Wire" 300HGV-B device being used in GA.  Even the "2Wire" Page has a solution but on another device entirely.  

   It appears that the 3800 is just non capable of this and that's all that AT&T will offer so that they can supposedly eventually offer Phone / TV and Internet (Direct Connections only) through one box.  An if they were to do a true modem / bridge mode the other paths could not be broken out of the data stream.  What I don't understand is why it can not route..
my bad, I'd looked up uverse and then followed the links...


Q: Can the 2 wire be put in to Bridge Mode?
A: Yes. Placing the 2Wire in to Bridge Mode effectively disables all routing functions, NAT, DHCP, and anything else beyond Layer 2. This is accomplished by going to Management and Diagnostic Console (MDC) section at page Advanced- Configure Services (»homeportal/tech/configuration.html) and then UNCHECKING the Routing Enabled box. Make sure you follow and understand the Warnings on that page before you uncheck the box so you will be aware of how to get back into the 2Wire as disabling routing will possibly change the 2Wires IP address and subnet.

PhonebuffAuthor Commented:
No problem,

   But that posting is based on the 1000SW Firmware 3.5.11

   An the 3800 which I am rapidly deciding is a broken product has no such panel / setting..

  Hardware Version       2700-100531-006
  Software Version


sounds like you've exhausted all of the options on that router, in which case your only alternative to use the service is an alternative router that is compatible with the service but can do bridge mode, such as the Vigor 120

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