RDS certificate using RDWeb Server 2008 pulling wrong certificate

Hello all.  I have been trying to fix this issue pretty much all day.

I got a virtual 2008 RDS server (SVR-REMD1) on another 2008 HyperV server.

I got the RDWeb working pretty good, launches successfully, and all, but can't seem to get rid of the Certificate error.  I only get the certificate warning when I try to launch the app, but after the initial "A website is trying to launch blah blah".  

The error I am getting says certificate mismatch.
It is looking to connect to the remote.domain.com address, but it is pulling up the svr-Remd1 for some reason.   I have looked all over the place how to change that, but I can't find it.  In the RemoteApp Manager, in the RemoteApp Deployment Settings, in the Digital Signature tab, I have the remote.domain.com certificate selected.  If I change it to the svr-Remd1 certificate it doesn't work to even login without errors.  

Any idea where I can find out what certificate I set it to use when it points back to the server to open the programs?  

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Beyond Next SolutionsConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Add your remote.domain.com certificate to the RDP-Tcp connections on the session host.

Have a look at this article, it's written for 2003, but is very similar to the process in 2008:
NetArchsAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks! Perfect.
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