Displaying Live Scores

I am building a wordpress website for a sports team.

How do I display live scores on the site? The scores need to be updating themselves (automatically).

They initially wanted us (the designers and developers) to go to the stadiums and get updates of the scores and feed it into the website ourselves.

However, I said thats not it works and we would get some kind of feed. But I am not sure how that would work.

How exactly would this work? What would I be getting from whom in what format? How do I make use of that and display the scores on my site?

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i think the easiest way is to install a video cam that captures their scoreboard and stream it live on your site.

if they are using computerize scoreboard, you can ask them if their system can pass you the variables of the scores. Otherwise I think live cam is your best shot.

Just make sure your buffer size is low to make it as real time as possible. streaming video has some delay. you have to consider that
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:
Not videos. I mean displaying a live scorecard on the site.
Forget about using a cam or any video capture.

What type of feed(s) should I be using?
(eg: RSS or XML or something else)

i want to know the process/procedure and technicalities involved.
Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application ProgrammerCommented:
If you are in a position to make them create an provide a feed for you specifically, the choice of the type of feed is entirely up to you. You should should request some thing that you are comfortable with.
If you are planing to pull the data from client side (from the browser) a JSON feed would be ideal over RSS or XML, so that you can easily parse it with JavaScript.

Simple process should be, if you periodically query the score data from your end:
1. Send a request to score provider (maybe with authentication tokens)
2. You get a response data
3. you parse the data and display on your web site (optionally store them for later use).

Or, if the score provider push the data to you:
1. Create a page that can except a response(probably HTTP GET/POST) from the score provider.
2. In the above page capture/parse the score data, and store locally.
3. Let your score data provider the URL to this page so they can post the data to you.
With this method you can pull the data from your local store and display on the web site, and the local data store will be updated as the provider pushes the data.

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smuralisankarAuthor Commented:
Sounds good. I am not sure what the provider is going to do. I would have to get intouch with them and find out.

1. Which would work on/with wordpress ?

2. If I design a table to display a static table and use it for older match scores.
Can I use the same design and layout to display the new/dynamic/updating scores?
how to do this?

3. Or would it be easier or simpler to do something else?

4. Is there a plugin or script(s) to do this or to make it easier?
Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application ProgrammerCommented:
1. Which would work on/with wordpress ?
Both methods will work with Wordpress as you can code both server and clients ends.
For the push method if you decide to implement as a Wordpress plug-in or as part of the theme, it could get bit complicated. But then you can easily do a standalone script for that.

2. If I design a table to display a static table...
As long as you maintain a date/time and/or flag to identify the recent and past data, there's is no problem using the same table. But if you are working with large number of records or lot of reads/writes to this table it would be wise to archive the old data to a separate table.

3. Or would it be easier or simpler to do something else?
You can always query the data from you provider and not store it locally, it's less redundant but depending on the connection speed between your provider and the server/client it could slow down the loading of your web site.

4. Is there a plugin or script(s) to do this or to make it easier?
I don't know of a plug-in that do exactly this, but that doesn't mean one couldn't be out there. Please check the Wordpress plug-in repository and check the forums.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
There's not likely to be a plugin or script that will specifically address this because you areas at the mercy of the provider and their method of giving you the scores.

Generically speaking, look into any plugins such as stock tickers that have to get data from an external source and display iron your site.  That should give you a pretty decent understanding of what the structure might look like.

But Su is right...there have to be a bunch of decisions made prior to the actual work beginning.  
Abhijeet RananawareWeb & Mobile DeveloperCommented:
Free scorecard widgets are available at http://www.espnstar.com/widgets/ ..You just have embed javascript..

Another one free http://www.scorespro.com/free-livescore/

Paid XML feeds :http://www.scorespro.com/livescore-xml/

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