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Been using Firefox for years now and it was one of the best moves ever for malware.  Recently however I have fell to 2 different exploits.  One the "EXE" exploit which renders all executable on the pc useless and then several java related exploits for zrobot.  This recent trend in browser exploits has had me reviewing my pc security.  Im running Antivir and realtime with Malwarebytes, SpywareBlaster and Windows Firewall.  Its a solution that has worked pretty well for me.

I was wondering about adding another layer for browser protection.  I realize a simple solution would be disabling java in Firefox but that is not a practical solution for me.  The only other solution I have came up with is Sandboxie.  Sandboxie seems like a simple yet effective solution but wanted to ask if there are some other simply options I should consider for browser protection.
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Sandboxie will help keep things contained that attempt to get downloaded, but it is kind of a pain if you do a lot of downloading to move stuff in and out of the sandbox.

I would suggest adding Web Of Trust to firefox.  It checks each website you attempt to visit and will warn you if you try to go to a known malware distributer.

You can also use OpenDNS servers which also do a known malware site check.

Good luck.

I use a hardware product call IBOSS. This product can be configured to block all exe, msi, zip. What ever file extension you choose. If you wish to allow the file to be downloaded you login to the iboss and download.

They have various hardware solutions that are much less expensive than others.
One other thing... since you use firefox - also take a look at the noscript firefox extension - - once you get it configured it will give you control over which websites can and can't run scripts.

Good luck.

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tm4ever--You could also consider using the HOSTS file.
And I always scan a downloaded file (app or image) with my antivirus before opening.
tm4everAuthor Commented:
I think NOscript is exactly what I have been looking for.  Its quick and easy, especially since I visit only a dozen or so sites regularly.  Thanks for the other options as well these are great ideas.
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