Automatically Click or Dropdown a Listbox in Access

I have an Access 2010 database form with a subform with a listbox of names.  Currently, the user has to click the listbox dropdown arrow to drop the list down.  Once the list is down, the user can start typing and the list item that matches the typing is highlighted and easily selected.  I would like to skip the step of the user manually clicking the listbox dropdown arrow.  Is there a way to have the listbox automatically dropdown when focus is set on the listbox, or have the listbox recognize the typing and dropdown when the typing starts, or some other solution?
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Use the got focus event of the combo box.

To do that:

1) Open the form in design view and right click on the combo box to select the property.
2) Go to the event tab.
3) Click the drop down in the On Got Focus entry box and select event procedure.
4) Double click on the button at the right of event procedure.
5) Insert the following code in the code editor:

Private Sub ComboxName_GotFocus()

Me. ComboxName.Dropdown

End Sub
Snoopy007Author Commented:
I tried it, but .Dropdown is not available for the ListBox I am using.  Any other ideas?
Now I am confused. When you mentioned drop down I thought that you were referring to a combo box and call it list box by mistake.

Access forms do not have dropdown list box. They used to be available for the data page in Access 2003 but the data page have been removed from Access in the 2007 version.

You may have to consider using a combobox instead of a dropdown list box noting that the way you are using it is exactly the way combo boxes work.

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Snoopy007Author Commented:
I changed the listbox to a combo box and used .dropdown and it worked.  Thanks for your help!
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